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Rock Climbing

I went Rock Climbing at IMF (Indian Mountaineering Foundation?) this past sunday (4 Mar2007). Didn’t feel like making a new post and moving this (above) post down yet (cause it has pictures n’ all).Some things that I found funny: (10 … Continue reading

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[I should categorize and split this up.]"The sweet psychological candy of scapegoating is a powerful force." "…so if you don’t understand his terms, educate yourself rather than giving up or complaining. You know it makes sense!" (Foreward) "Man … Continue reading

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Tips, Websites, Notes2Self

Webistes for Unreal (Engine) [ ]http://utforums.epicgames.com Forward Declaration: Use a class’s pointer/reference without defining it (without including the header defining the class)Forward declarations seem to work only with pointers. Chris has seen them work with references too, but … Continue reading

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