Rock Climbing

I went Rock Climbing at IMF (Indian Mountaineering Foundation?) this past sunday (4 Mar2007).

Didn’t feel like making a new post and moving this (above) post down yet (cause it has pictures n’ all).
Some things that I found funny:
(10 Mar 2007) Near Signature Towers. Vat wanted me to drop him on the
left of the road near the traffic light where I needed to take a
"u-turn". I said "If I drop you there I’ll have to cut across traffic."
Vat: "So? You can’t cut across three lanes?"
"If you say yes, mai tera Passport phardh ke rakh doonga"
"Haan, tu kaisa Indian hai? if you can’t cut across three lanes."

(3 Mar 2007) went to the barber to get my hair cut, after a few
years of keeping them long. Firstly everyone has a shocked look when I
tell the barber to "get rid of it". Later on..

Barber: "Dil to nahi toot raha?"

(Jan/Feb 2007) Mom to Nani: "Thats what Yoga/Meditation is about, concentrating (to
shut off the mind which wanders/wonders)… its to reach a moment of
Me: "So people PRACTICE to become Idiots!?"

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One Response to Rock Climbing

  1. DeGrinningGranny says:

    err…someone has a space!!!  😮  :-I
    not bad to start off wid sth…

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