Passport Seva Kendra Appointment System

[Posted in Oct 2012: Screenshots and information might be out of date.]
…or what their website/video doesn’t tell you about booking an appointment.

For the impatient not looking for a story – sync your clock with the server’s clock (open this clock in a separate tab) and add your appointment request at exactly the time appointments open. 3 minutes late and you lose. You may benefit by looking at the screenshots below to get an idea of what to expect. Also, use IE for this. Update: To know what to expect on the select appointment screen, scroll to the end.

[Now that the “executive summary” folks are gone] I recently wrote about appreciating the increased use of technology by government departments, while criticizing the look and feel. I finally got a chance to enjoy using one of these web services. My passport will require renewal (the correct term is re-issue) soon, so I went over to the nearest Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). Upon trying to ask the usual questions I might have – what documents are needed, any specifics to keep in mind etc – I got the response, “online, online”.
But…(you haven’t even heard my questions!)
“online, all online”, he waved and pointed at a printed notice pasted on the window. Not having an urgent need, I left. I figured I’ll look it up online and if I have any specific questions, I’ll return; I need to get to work.

Over the next few days, I browsed the site and figured out what all was needed
– fill up the application form
– look up the documents required based on the procedures (change in details, Non-ECR status, etc) needed on the passport
– upload documents
– and make an appointment.
Following this I spent the next few days/weeks chasing up documentation that would be required. Once I had all the documents (that I interpret to be needed – I’m yet to see!), I scanned and uploaded them. Following that I went to the manage appointments section. The page had a dropdown with the nearest PSK and captcha. I filled in the captcha and submit. Something didn’t work; maybe I got the captcha wrong? I tried again – same thing. Then I noticed the error message “Currently no appointment slots are available for the selected Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). Please try scheduling an appointment from 10/10/2012, 4:00 PM onwards.” This was in the evening on the 9th. (Side: Who writes their copy?)
Wait, what? Is my concept of taking an appointment wrong? I was expecting a calendar with slots, you choose a date/time if it’s free in their schedule and lock it in – even if the next free slot was a week or a month away!

Okay, maybe they designed it this way because a lot of people might (or they’ve tried this already and it’s based on sampling actual behavior) fill up the slots and never show up.  Just like we’re great at standing in lines, we’re great at keeping times and appointments too. [Side note: There may be a lot of individuals in this country (or world) who are intelligent, considerate, law abiding, decent and other qualities which might be considered for an “evolved civilization”. But when it comes to thinking about the group, the opposite qualities take over.] Missed appointments would lead to wasted time and resources (Tax sucker payer’s money) on part of the state employees. This limitation of the system could certainly have been built around – but that’s another discussion (allow a limited number of people who would like to wait – limit to a specific lot – take a chance on someone not showing up after taking an appointment. Also, fine the people who don’t re-schedule or cancel their appointment at least a day before.).

PSK site at 3:42pm

PSK site at 3:42pm

The next day I tried once in the morning – same message. Then again around 3:42pm – this time I took a screenshot. I thought to myself, “Okay, If this is how the system works – it unlocks at 4, I’ll log in then and get an appointment”. When I tried, this was a 4:03pm – just 3 minutes past the time the system would’ve been “opened”, I got a new message “Currently no appointment slots are available for the selected Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). Please try scheduling an appointment from 13/10/2012, 4:00 PM onwards”. What?! Two days worth of slots are gone in 3 minutes?

PSK site at 4:03pm

PSK site at 4:03pm

Side Note: The next day I went to the PSK, while walking towards it I heard a person sitting in the back of a Black Scorpio (SUV, seems dodgy…) speak out loud – “Passport?” I thought it was to someone else and I kept walking. Along a wall I saw a bunch of people with documents in their hands hanging around this guy in dark glasses (now I’ve got touts and agents in my thought process; the “good old” system).
Is the appointment a separate number – not linked to the Appointment Reference Number (ARN) – which can be traded by touts?
If the appointment system is rigged by touts – I haven’t figured out their play yet. Have they written a bot? (Some of the guys I’ve worked it might remember P-R-A…[end cryptic-inside-joke].)

[Next day] I went into the PSK and met “Mr. Online” again. He gave me the usual response at first, but then I told him that I already tried – even at 4:03 two days worth of appointments were gone.
“Is it like a lottery/rally/contest…? You have to get in at exactly 4:00 to win the appointment?”
He just nod his head and shrugged “heh heh heh” (So he does utter sounds other than – online). I asked if there was someone I could speak with – file a grievance. “Yahan toh kuch nahi hai (There’s nothing here)”.
“Fine, I’ve got to get to work, I’ll probably return later with the screenshots that I took”, I thought and left. [Seriously there isn’t a good free tool to take a screenshot on Windows with a hot-key yet? (Ctrl/Alt+PrintScreen) It only goes to the clipboard and then you have to paste it in an image editor. That’s too many steps if you want quick captures. I recommend Fraps (not free) if you have Vista or higher, it can capture DWM.]

Also, there’s a toll free support/grievance number. On the 10th, when I called it in the evening (16:27 in my phone’s log), the number was busy – it’s supposed to be a 24 hour call center. I guess it’s too much to expect to be in a wait queue (which can tell you the queue length/expected time to answer). Then I tried late in the evening (23:38 in my phone’s log) – this time I got through to an IVR. I navigated through it and choose the option to speak to a representative to file a grievance.
“This service is only available between 8:00am and 6:00(or was it 10?)pm”
Oh, okay, so it’s on the “official” 24 hour clock.
The next morning I tried again (10:55 am in my call logs) – guess what? Busy. I’m starting to see a pattern here.

I mentioned the online queue which is gone in minutes at work and another person mentioned that he’s been trying for months but has finally given up. He mentioned there was a protest a while back and it was revealed that all appointments for a particular day were from the same IP. I’ll take that with a grain of salt since that’s just anecdotal “evidence” that I’ve heard. The system has the benefit of doubt till I come across any conclusive proof.

I propose a few steps as a way to make the system more transparent.
Since I don’t want the PSK workers to waste their time in creating reports etc, these systems are to be automated (More project work and payments for you, TCS!). Knowing a thing-or-two about programming, I know these suggestions can be implemented.
If they don’t want to implement a system where it gives you an appointment at an arbitrary (free) date in future, the suggestions below can be implemented instead. [I’ve mentioned the system to friends and they have responded that they would have expected a similar system. I say – these fancy trip date selector websites selling travel tickets have spoilt this lot!]

The manage appointments page should show a (paginated) report of all the appointment slots given out. The fields should include ARN, User ID (blanked out for privacy – like on Google Groups), IP Address (blank out one digit from second and third set of numbers), time slot. These are the appointments still to happen. The manage (request) appointment screen should show the number of available slots, the number of filled slots and also the number of appointments (unique ARNs) requested. The requested appointments number will give people a clearer picture on how hard other people are trying to make an appointment, but it should be backed with a report on all the attempts – otherwise the “riggers” will just use a bot (breaking that captcha shouldn’t be too hard) to drive up the number by filing a lot of applications and requesting an appointment on it.

There should be an additional report showing the appointments that have happened. This would include all the earlier fields and whether the appointment was made and whether or not the appointment result was success (application have moved into the next stage – police verification or accepted for renewal etc) or failure (person was turned back for not enough documentation etc). The system is known to have this data, since one can track status of an application online. This post appointment report will also help to catch bogus appointments; unless the department employees themselves rig it – but I trust (at least hope) that everyone in the department wouldn’t be crooked.

Time for a win
Anyway, I logged in on the 13th and synced my clock to the server’s time then took into account the lag a little and managed to win an appointment. I’d like to think I keep most of-less-use junk disabled, but for the duration of this competition, I added the clock gadget to time my clicks better.
Perhaps someone from the department took a course on gamification since it’s quite a popular term lately. Or they’re preparing the country for an Electronic Sports Olympics.
Game Time!

PSK site at 3:59:06pm

T minus 54 seconds – Logged in and ready to “Manage Appointment”

PSK site at 3:59:50pm

[Old Image: Use the atomic clock in another browser tab instead.] 10 seconds remain (Unreal Tounament anyone?)
The gadget seems to be off sync from the server by 6 seconds, I’ll keep that in mind.

[Update: Rather than adjusting your computer’s clock, you could keep a clock website open in another tab and keep an eye on the title bar of it. See image below.]

You can open the passport site in one tab and keep a time site open in another tab as shown.

You can open the passport site in one tab and keep a time site open in another tab as shown.

PSK site at 4:00:03pm

T plus 3 seconds; captcha time.
PSK site at 4:00:26pm

T plus 26 seconds.
Hurry! I’ve clicked on the first slot I could lay the mouse pointer on. Another captcha.
Unfortunately this was the first time slot link, a lot more people might’ve chosen it. After this I saw a page telling me that the slot was already full.
Did I lose?!
Not so fast.

I was a little tense on the select an appointment screen focusing on trying to score one that I forgot to take a screenshot. In the coming days, I will play the game again and try and change my appointment to sooner (yes, there’s an option). Next time I will be calmer and get the screenshot.

PSK site at 4:01:30pm

T plus 90 seconds.
In the excitement I’ve missed pressing the hot-key for the slot screen’s shot again.
Did the shot clock run out? I seem to have caught the rebound and have another shot!
(For the uninitiated, that’s a Basketball reference.)

So I blazed through the process of View Applications > Manage Appointment… and chose another slot at the bottom of the page. Once again, I was in game-mode and couldn’t take a screenshot. But to describe it, the left coloumn had dates. The columns on the right were links with time on them – each slot being a 15 minute slot.
What was odd though was the first (row) appointment was the 16th as seen in the screenshot above, but below that there were almost 15 or so rows with something in capital letters, I couldn’t register it (my head was filtering out noise) as I scrolled to the bottom of the page (last row) and noticed a few open appointments – for almost a month away.

PSK site at 4:01:41pm

T plus 101 seconds.
He shoots, he scores. It’s good!

I hope this set of screenshots helps others know what to expect and therefore shave off some time in trying to get an appointment.
“But doesn’t that decrease your chances? You’re giving your edge away” Meh, had I been desperate enough, I’d write a bot.

PSK site at 9:41am

Begging *2* be *ha(c)k*-e(z)-*d* ?

Edit: A little searching turned up these links that may be helpful for those who want to know more (What to expect when you go for your appointment)

Update: As promised, here’s a screenshot of the appointment selection screen. This should help you know exactly what to expect when you come across and plan where you want to click.
PSK at 16:00:01

Update (2013-01-17): Here’s the rest of the story. I visited the passport office on the day of my appointment, went through the various steps and left. After that you can check the status of your application online.

The first status was on the lines of “You file has been sent to police station XYZ for verification”. I received a phone call from the station a few days (week?) after noticing that status online. I had to meet two departments – and they asked me to bring copies of some documents (when they called). My verification completed on 2012-11-26.

After that, the status changed to something on the lines of “Police verification completed. File has been set to SP, Police station PQR, District N (for approval?).”

On 2013-01-12, the status read “Your Passport has been printed and You should receive an sms/email once the passport is dispatched.”

Finally, on 2013-01-15, it read “Passport X1110000 has been dispatched on 15/01/2013 via Speed Post Tracking Number EM000111222IN.”
On the same day, the postman called my mobile number at 12:56PM and asked me to collect it from post office X at 4:00pm. I went and did the same.
Later in the evening, at 22:39, I received an SMS from LM-MEASP – “Dear XYZ, You Passport X1110000 has been dispatched on 15/01/2013 through speed post. Speed post tracking number is EM000111222IN.” At the same time, I also received an email from passport.admin(@) with the details.

Status Tracker

Status Tracker

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73 Responses to Passport Seva Kendra Appointment System

  1. geeta says:

    wow! that’s not only a lesson in working around the ridiculous bureaucratic processes, but sporting skill as well.
    bless you. keep it up.

  2. how many appointments can be booked on a single IP address ???

  3. chithanya says:

    HI SIR my account locked by some one how to unlock my account plz tel me, he is changed my profile also and also my date of birth and birth place, please tel me if any idea

    • progzer says:

      I’m not sure how someone could lock your account. Have you lost the password? If so you can use the Forgot Password link. at the site. Also, I believe the password for your account on the site expires every 60 days and you need to choose a new one – maybe this has happened? When this happens, the first time you try to log in, you’re notified and given a chance to choose a new password.
      Though you mention that someone has changed your profile, date of birth and place – is that related to information you need to use for the forgot password functionality or is it changed in your application form?
      If it’s the latter, then you can change that back to your correct information in a partially submit form.

  4. Hi
    Today i booked slot on tatkaal quota. here i would like to share my experience. 1st thanks for your post.

    1. passport time on web sit static that you can see on left side top of passport website time wont move.
    2. most of our laptop time are not exactly web times. open following URL then you can understand

    my laptop clock running is 37.1 seconds behind. As you know we have to book within 10 to 20 sec this error is a lot.

    3. open 1st url in one tab then you can see exact internet time. go exactly at 3:00 pm (pune)

    4. From one IP address you can book only 3 slots. So you can not book using any company or university like IISERs, IITs, internet.
    5.If you want to use your company or university internet use


  5. venkateswararao says:

    As you most of cosmetics peoples say, with in 7 day white and fair color on very big latters and for their safety the put small not down with very small size laters “conditions apply” like that
    on document adviser for tatkaal, below to required document small not is there says “The information provided above is indicative. The decision of APO/RPO shall be considered final”.

  6. Kunal says:

    Wow! This was very informative, and the mockery and sarcasm was just brilliant! I don’t often read pieces as long as this. Bravo!

  7. venkateswararao says:

    By the way i din not uploaded i have got passport with in 3 day on tatkaal quota. I talk to TCS officer at pune PSK regarding slot booking, why people are paying bribe to agents. She agree with most of points, i may make document with all proofs how normal people are fails to a book slot. I am bit busy with my work once i don with proper document i will send to ministry of external affairs and Pune PSK

    I am very happy got passport without giving Bribe this is my second achievement with Govt. of India services, first one driving licences for LLR Rs. 95 and for full 4 wheeler licences Rs. 400+ not exactly remembered paid.

  8. siddhant says:

    Hi, does uploading documents actually help?

    Any benefit attached to it?

    • progzer says:

      I’m not sure, it might serve as a checklist for yourself at the very least. If I recall correctly, the team at the PSK scanned my documents again.

      • Venkateswararao says:

        It is not necessary to upload your documents. Mr. Progzer you r correct, they do again scanning if documents not clearly visible.

  9. raghuramareddy says:

    You r doing a fantastic job by educating the people regarding Passport renewal.
    Can u please list out the documents including for police verification, required for reissue of passport,or any other website except the ,where all the information regarding the documents required for reissue of given.
    Thank u,

    • progzer says:

      Thanks for the encouraging words, raghuramareddy.

      To know which documents to bring with you, I’d say that the official website might be the best source.
      The main/welcome page:
      has links to the “Document Advisor” for various cases.

      For re-issue, this is:
      (“Documents Required” link at the bottom of the re-issue section on the welcome page)
      This will take you through a form where you can choose conditions for your specific case (eg: has your address changed since the last time the passport was issued, have the pages exhausted or is the validity expired etc – everyone’s case might be different and may require a different set of documents). Depending on the inputs you give it, it will give you a list of documents that you require.

  10. SHAKU says:


  11. Alex says:

    I am in USA trying to get slot for my parents and having the same issue of slots full in matter of seconds !!! How do I synchronize my clock with the PSK server time?

  12. Alex says:

    How about applying in person to a DPC instead of PSK?

    • progzer says:

      @Alex, as for synchronizing your computer’s time, you could follow @Venkateswararao’s suggestion:
      Open in another tab of your browser – the tab title will show a ticking time. We’re expecting that the PSK server time would be synchronized to an official time source (assuming this is a requirement for web services run by state agencies, so it shouldn’t be offset). You could then attempt to book an appointment keeping an eye on this time.

      I’m not familiar with with the process of applying at a DPC.

      @SHAKU. Thank you. Though please consider switching off your CAPS lock when posting comments (@All).

  13. sangeetha says:

    Hi – the Option “internet time” does not show up in my case under the laptop clock settings (Im using firefox) what do I do ?

    • progzer says:

      Hi Sangeetha, Please see @Venkateswararao’s suggestion and/or the previous reply to @Alex. I’ve also added a new image in the post above – it shows the passport website open and the time website open in another tab. The current time (which dynamically/automatically updates) is shown in the title of the tab.

  14. Mohan says:


    I want my book my Family id’s. But not able to book, they shows, “”Maximum Appointments exceed for day”””… Any problem regarding internet connection?, i am using Broadband (wired), & single IP address..

    pls solve my pbm!!!!

    • progzer says:

      Hai right back you, Mohan
      I don’t have an exact answer, but here are my thoughts:
      How many appointments have you managed to book? Whatever that number is (please share it for everyone as a reply) must be a limit of appointments one login can make in/for a particular day. Perhaps you just need to create multiple accounts – one for each family member and request appointments using each account.

    • Priyavardhan Potabatti says:

      Mr. mohan please remember that ONLY 3 (THREE) appointments are permitted to each IP address. no matter with your login id’s
      if you need more appointments just restart your MODEM to get a new static IP address to your system and try for 3 more appointments if available.

  15. Priyavardhan Potabatti says:

    to see the exact time open passport seva website in another window and refresh it periodically to see the time in upper left corner of the page. type the captia and be ready at exactly 3-5 seconds before the time hit login and you can see slots to book.
    keep your fingers fast.
    don’t forget to turn ON your CAPS LOCK. it might save some seconds.

    Mr. mohan please remember that ONLY 3 (THREE) appointments are permitted to each IP address. no matter with your login id’s
    if you need more appointments just restart your MODEM to get a new static IP address to your system and try for 3 more appointments if available.

  16. sagar says:

    Thats very helpfull, i just got an appointment in my first try. I filled the form and same evening i was online 2 grab an appointment. It took less than a minute 2 grab an appointment. It was too easy 2 get one. I just had a high speed net connection and an anroid atomic clock in my mob phone. Your pist helped me a lot. I ve booked more than 15 appointments in past few days. Every time in first attempt.

    • progzer says:

      @sagar: I’m glad the post helped. I’m not sure what you mean by having booked more than 15 appointments in the last few days. Are these for (1) other people (friends/family etc), (2) yourself (multiple appointments?) or (3) adjusting your own (single) appointment to be sooner?
      If people are booking multiple slots for themselves, it might explain why it seems so hard for people to get one. Such hoarding behavior only makes the system seem worse for everyone, including the initiators.

      @Priyavardhan Potabatti: I find it hard to believe that the system limits appointments to 3 by IP address. People may be using (shared) internet connections behind NAT devices without any control of their (single) public IP address. It should really be based on one per login (person/passport) – you should be able to change the appointment but not hoard more than one per person.
      Instead of refreshing the passport website in another window to see the time, opening the atomic clock website (link and photo in article above) in a separate tab might be much easier and “hands off”.

  17. thakur says:

    Hi progzer ,

    I have submit the passport form online. But after reading multiple post regarding IP address , I am in confusion. I submitted form from Mumbai. But my PSK is in HARYANA. I entered the date & place ( Haryana) in Terms & conditions agree page.

    Will my application is accept in that case ?
    Can i get appointment date using IP address of other state ?

    Please provide your suggestion.

    • progzer says:

      @Thakur: While I cannot be certain, I highly doubt that the passport website is using Geolocation to confirm/validate whether your claimed location matches the IP address you submit the form.
      What, specifically, did you “read regarding IP addresses” that confused you?
      When you submit the form, was it accepted/saved successfully? If so, you should be okay. All they care about is you showing up at your PSK’s location at the appointment time.

      If you’re looking for you’re looking for the short answer, I take the liberty to claim, “Yes, you can get an appointment using an IP address of another state.”

  18. deva says:

    hi someone changed the dob of mine my password has been locked i couldn;t able to open it because someone changed my dob now how to open the account

    • progzer says:

      Hi Deva,
      I don’t think this is a question related to the passport website so much as general password safety and online security/behavior. How did you manage to lose access to the account in the first place? Was it something that was very easy to guess? Or did you leave your account signed in at a public computer? I doubt anyone can really gain much by taking over your PSK account – unless you already had an appointment set up and this person wants to take it (or you use the same password on many other online services). You could try getting in touch with the passport authorities to see if they can give you your account back for validating some other detail (weigh the cost vs benefit of doing this; from their side too – is it going to be worth it?)
      I suppose you’ve signed up another account and started using it by now.
      As for securing your accounts/password, I highly recommend using a tool like KeePass –
      You only need to remember one master password (to your KeePass database file; and have access to an optional private key for enhanced encryption) – KeePass will take care of generating and storing long and random passwords – different for every online service you have an account on (a “best practice” for online security).
      For an additional overview, watch:

  19. SSG says:

    I’ve got an appointment booked but i have’t paid the fee.What should i do now???? Do i take a DD to the PSK????I couldn’t pay as i couldn’t find any payment links. Pls reply

    • progzer says:

      I think you can pay the fee when you visit the PSK on the day of you appointment. Remember to take a printed copy of the appointment letter that you received from the website – the guard at the entrance would want to see it to let you in.

  20. Akshay Kumta says:

    Hello there! Progzer you’ve done a brilliant job compiling and sharing good practices! I’ve been struggling past 2 days to book an appointment under Normal quota for a Re-issue of my passport. And all attempts even if I hit it exactly at 4:30pm I would get an error stating its full. Based on your screenshots, I’ve gone ahead and changed the laptop time zones to sync with I hope I get lucky to book the next available slot!

  21. Akshay Kumta says:

    Hey Pranav! Just a quick update – “I GOT MY APPOINTMENT!!!” ~ Thanks to your smart advice on syncing the Time Zone to….I guess that was the magic! I thank you so much for this great knowledge sharing…I pray that you do wonders in your life…I’m falling short of words to thank you. Cheers mate!!!

  22. As mentioned on their website, applicants are required to produce Annexure I and (Annexure F OR 3 out of 16 documents) for tatkal application. Howevever, at PSK Lucknow they have rudely refused to accept my forms stating that they don’t accept 3 out of 16 enlisted documents and Annexure F is mandatory. What should I do ?

    • Akshay Kumta says:

      @ Abhijit: I guess you are referring to the SC/ST/OBC Certificates, right? Well, I can’t comment on it because I don’t fall into that category. Well, if I were you then I would certainly escalate and look for Senior Authority to discuss this matter. In most PSKs, there are cabins where Sr TCS Personnel sit. You should plead and request the personnel and tell them that you prepared ur documentation based on what was there on the website. Alternatively, if you see: Point 12 (Driving License), 13 (Bank Statement) & 14 (PAN Card) are the easiest documents that a person can have, so be prepared with that during your next visit.

      • You’ve got me wrong. I belong to GEN category. I was referring to documents required for Tatkal application.

      • Akshay Kumta says:

        @ Abhijit Gupta: Sorry for the confusion man! I just went and saw on the ‘Document Advisor’ by going through the Tatkal scheme and checked what docs are reqd. So, what documents are they asking for vis-a-vis the list mentioned on their website?

  23. Abhijit says:

    This is really fantastic . I am sure this has made life easy for so many of the folks .

    I have a passport Seva portal user ID. I have used e-filing for renewal of my passport. Is it possible to use my user ID to e-file /apply for my wife and son or do I need to create seperate user IDs for each and e-file from the individual user IDs? Can anyone please help with the correct informatiom and details.

    • Akshay Kumta says:

      Hi – As far as I know, you can certainly use your ID to e-file for your immediate family – spouse and child. However, please be careful that there should be separate ARN# for them. There is no provision to submit for 2 people in a single ARN! You may want to verify this by referring the FAQs and Do’s and Don’ts. Cheers!

  24. divya says:

    Hi ,

    This helped me lot 🙂
    I have small doubt ,
    After getting an appointment, if more documents are required by PSK, will I get another appointment for resubmitting it , or should I forget my 1.5K

    • progzer says:

      Hi Divya

      If I remember correctly, the appointment itself is free. You go past various counters when you visit the PSK where the documents are verified, photo is clicked and then payment is collected. If you are asked to return again with other documents, I don’t think any charge is involved.

      PS: I have heard that some PSKs will let you “quickly” (30 mins?) return with additional copies/documents, they let you complete your application in the same appointment. Don’t rely on this though, different regions/officers/moods may offer different leeway. You are supposed to carry the required documentation along, and should go through the links on the PSK website detailing the required/optional documents.

      Each applicant may have a different requirement (re-issue vs fresh vs lost vs address change vs …), the documents you require to carry may be different – check the “Document Advisor” links which are sort of a step-by-step trouble shooter to advise on what all to carry. These links are the three sections on the PSK welcome page:
      Fresh Passport
      Reissue of Passport
      Police Clearance Certificate

      If available, some may recommend carrying any/all optional documents also. Obviously Carry all the required documents for the specific procedure/application you are going for (unless you enjoy visiting the PSK over and over 😉 ).

    • Ziawur Rahman Choudhury says:

      Yes, you will get 3 days depending on the situation to submit the documents without booking your appointment. PSK will ask you to submit it within three days. failing which you can apply for another appointment with the same ARN since your last appointment is automatically cancelled. Schedule your appointment again… Thats all. After the introduction of online payment… Payment for Passport is to be done before the Appointment. After your payment is made. you appointment date will be shown and you can book it. You will be provided with the payment receipt which will be valid upto one year. You can cancel or reshedule the date only three time…. Be prepared for all your required documents. if you are not applicable your payment will be returned. else your have one year time to proof your eligibility…

  25. Vasu says:

    Thanks for the article. I need a little clarification on the appointment process.
    I’m currently in the US and want an appointment for late November 2013. While scheduling, i see no way of booking a future date. Do you recommend i just book the date that system allots me & then go via the route of “manage appointments” (from your screenshot) to select the date of my choice?

    • progzer says:

      Hi Vasu,
      My thoughts on this are: considering you’d have to log in again before the appointment date and change it later – I believe the change will also be possible only during the short daily time window, you might as well just attempt to get the appointment a little later. In my screenshot’s case, the earliest date with available appointments was just under a month after the day I attempted to get an appointment. Start attempting to get your appointment using this ballpark and then change it again depending on the number of days later you wish to move it.

  26. Rakhi says:

    Hi, need a small clarification. I have submitted my passport application form online, made payment however when I downloaded the form, found there is mistake I have made, is there any way i can correct it. i have got an appointment also. Can I get it corrected at the PSK on my appointment day or will my application be out rightly rejected?
    Error made- in the residing since block- i wrote 2011 instead of 2012. (a typo error)
    Pl advice.

  27. nirav patel says:

    sir i forgot my id and password now how to i reschedule appoiment?

  28. darsh says:

    I am trying to schedule an appointment under Tatkal. I need the passport renewal urgent. I made the 1500 payment online but am not able to book an appointment. I read on another blog tatkal applicants can walk in and dont need an appointment. Is it true. I am trying to do it at PSK in Surat and on website it shows appointment opens at 1:00. What does that mean?

    • progzer says:

      That may be true, but I don’t know. Perhaps you can share what you find out – did you already try visiting the PSK with you Tatkal registration/payment details?

  29. Neeraj Prabhakar says:

    Hey That Worked!!!! Thanks a Lot!!!

  30. Mohan says:

    GREAT…. people were asking me 1000 to 1500 rs for tatkal appointment your trick worked for me within single attempt. today i got it after 2 days appointment.

  31. Vidushi says:

    Hi !
    I made for appointment the very first day , thanks to your post !
    Thank you so much 🙂

  32. Poonam says:

    Thanks a ton Pranav!!! Yesterday I was too much frustrated for whole 20mins by seeing the same message ‘Unable to process your request. try after some time’ and at the end, appointments were full. But when I read this article of yours, I tried today again by using IE and opening clock in another tab. I hit the next button after putting the captcha exactly at 12.00.00 and got the appointment at very first try only. This was like a magic for me and all credit goes to you. I really do not wanted to give bribe to any agent for just getting an appointment and really very happy now. Thanks a lot and God bless u….

  33. Palch says:

    That was very helpful blog. well done.

    After a week of trying to book a tatkaal appointment for a fresh passport, I finally managed to pay the 1500 INR thorugh the first step of “Pay and Schedule Appointment” and the payment status shows “Success” now but in next step. when I try “Schedule Appointment” it says..
    “Unable to process the request. Please try after some time.” I hate this bloody system. As I have already paid do I stiil have to book appointment for Tatkaal or I can visut the PSK with my payment slip? any advice? My adad said if we pay 1000 INR one agent (“DALAL”) will arrange the appointment in few days. Why bloody no one complains about this system of “DALAL”. How do they get these slots without ant application ids. NO one even talking about the problem to media. We should reach to media to focus on this corruption as soon as possible. Any anyone involved from inside the PSK office as well to meke the appointment slots to the DALALs (agents)?

  34. priya says:

    hey i have resheduled my appointment date 2 times.. and nw i couldn’t reshedule my appointment date..what should i do? should i apply to fresh again?

  35. Riju says:

    Thanks a Trillion for this post!
    I was in apprehension as I couldn’t get an online appointment(mine is reschedule) after trying repeatedly over last 10-12 days, As the passport was exigent for me,I applied in Tatkal.

    Today, I followed your process,
    Monday, August 04, 2014 | 03:30:06 PM
    Appointment Confirmation
    Your appointment has been booked successfully. Your Appointment Number is:
    ^^ I got finally on this time, in Kolkata, the time starts from 3:30pm.

    But on the other side, I feel disappointed and angry as well with this online system,most of the people don’t know the chicanery behind it, if it is possible please circulate your process as much as you can for greater benefit of our nation.

  36. Ritesh says:


    Its a great blog covering many informative topics.

    Can you please also suggest , at what step should i follow timings ?

    I mean do i loggin exact at 12 PM to passport website or at exact 12 i should click on pay and book slot option?

    also the screen shots shows manage appointment option , but i cant see that option now, seems the blog is written in 2013 and since then there are changes on portal, if some one can updload a new screen will be very useful for people.


  37. Ritesh says:

    Hurry, :):)

    I got it in very first attempt, Thank you guys for sharing such valuable & helpful information.


  38. Pritesh Lad says:


    I have applied for my daughter’s (minor) passport for which appointment was
    scheduled for 16-Oct-2014. I have also rescheduled it for 2 times. In that is there any way that I can reschedule it or I have to apply with fresh application only.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • progzer says:

      If I recall correctly, there was an option to re-schedule – but there was an explicitly mentioned limit on the number of times you could use that too. Also, you mention that you’ve already rescheduled it twice – perhaps that’s the limit?
      Considering it’s already the 17th today – I doubt it would (and even think it should not for that matter) allow re-scheduling a missed appointment – if at all you’re trying to do that.

  39. Ankur Rattan says:

    Hi Pranav, Your blog was really helpful (even life saver!), I followed the guidelines for logging and booking appointment like using IE and clock website and it worked like a charm. I was trying to book appointments since 2 weeks and finally queried web that why am I not able to do it, and found your blog… I can vouch for every word written here. I am from IT background myself and do feel the need for more transparent and citizen friendly system. But then again it is definitely a step up but still lot more to do from Govt’s side. Thank you again and best wishes for your future endeavors.

  40. samir says:

    Bullshit. Whole system is miserable. Counter “A” belongs to TCS employee works very fast but main experience comes after that with counter “B” & “C” where local governments employee will show you their unability to do job. They are simply use less only eating common public time and hard earn money. Very stupid people.
    I don’t know why this people live in metro city? They are not good for village also. All rubbish. Online system shows you which documents you required for passport. But this Lord of their own state wants more papers and proof and documents. As like they are issuing some part of land to us free of cost. .

    totally rubbish.

    When will we have a good governed staff don’t know.

  41. anup says:

    where is the “Pay and Schedule Appointment” tab for making online payment. Can you please send a screen shot?

    • progzer says:

      Hi Anup, this post is five years old. The website may have changed. I’m not affiliated with the passport authority in any way. I suppose you could use the post to see the “process” I followed and adapt is according to what the website looks like now.

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