This is Pranav Tekchand’s blog. I usually maintain detailed logs in private text files – as Chris Efford once joked (when I opened my logs to search for some details we needed from a few months ago) : “I bet you’ve got one which says, ‘First day at school – tasted chocolate milk today. It was good!'”. (I encourage developers to keep such logs of things they learn/figure out – it may serve to put up articles on our wiki). I will occasionally put up some of the content online if I feel I can tidy it up enough for it to make sense or be useful to others. A lot will probably remain in draft in my mind for quite a while as I keep getting into stuff I want to finish first. I should probably do so more often.

My current excuse is “perhaps I’ll have more time once I’m done with the weekend classes I’ve signed up for at the Goa Institute of Management (work during the week, school on weekends).”


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